Dodge Repairs and Scheduled Maintenance

Dodge Repairs in Manassas, VA

Dodge repairs in Manassas, VA

Dodge mechanics in Manassas, VA.In order to extend the life of your vehicle and to ensure your safety, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s schedule maintenance guide.  Following the factory service interval can not only help keep your car, SUV or truck performing at it’s best, but it’s also a great way to help protect the value of your investment. And when it comes to service, Coho has everything for your Dodge, including the proper tools and equipment, a staff of trained specialists, and access to an extensive range of parts required to maintain your vehicle’s safety, reliability, and value for years to come – while saving you hundreds of dollars compared to a dealer.

Below are the vehicle service intervals provided by the manufacturer. Dodge recommends that its vehicles be serviced every 3,000-miles, with the most comprehensive services coming at 30,000-miles. (Note: The actual scheduled maintenance checks will vary based on vehicle model, model year and mileage. Please give us a call if you have any questions.)

Service Level A: This includes an oil/filter change, safety check, and topping off other critical fluids as necessary, like the transmission, power steering, brake and windshield washer.

Service Level B: Includes the above plus inspecting the suspension system and tires for wear, catalytic converter heat shields, hoses and belts, air filter, suspension and exhaust system.

Service Level C: Includes all of the above plus cooling system maintenance, inspecting the brakes, battery, lights, and CV joints.

Service Level D: Includes the above plus servicing the engine and emission system, flushing the transmission and cooling system, rotating and balancing the tires, and lubricating weather strips.

Dodge maintenance Manassas, VA.

If you have a late model DODGE and follow this recommended schedule, here are the recommended inspections during the first 60,000 miles:

  • 3,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 6,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 9,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 12,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 15,000 miles: Service Level C
  • 18,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 21,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 24,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 27,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 30,000 miles: Service Level D
  • 33,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 36,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 39,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 42,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 45,000 miles: Service Level C
  • 48,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 51,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 54,000 miles: Service Level A
  • 57,000 miles: Service Level B
  • 60,000 miles: Service Level C

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